Protocol Specifications for Interfacing to Data Communication Networks – The New ANSI Standard C12.22-2008. Sept. 8, 2008 Atlanta, Georgia.

Learn about the ANSI industry Standard C12.22-2008 from a leading expert in the field
Course Level: Beginner to intermediate

See us at the Pre-autovation 2008 on September 10th, 2008 at 01:00 p.m. – 05:00 p.m.

C12.22 Protocol Specification for Interfacing to Data Communication Networks provides an application layer standard for network communications, designed to transport C12.19 standard data tables in electric metering over any network. The open protocol in the ANSI C12.22 Standard provides the same opportunity for meter communications over networks. This course covers what C12.22 will mean for you.

Covered topics include:

Who Should Attend:

Project managers, enterprise technology AMI decision makers, architects
and engineers, auditors, legislators.

Presented by: Avygdor Moise, Ph.D.

Avygdor Moise, president of Future DOS R&D Inc. is an AMI and systems-implementation consultant to American and Canadian electrical utilities. Dr. Moise is the author of the “User’s Guide for MC/ANSI/IEEE Standard Data Communication Protocol for Electronic Metering.” He also chairs the Data Communication Working Group of the Measurement Canada Task Force on Data Communications Protocol for Electronic Metering Devices; is chairperson of the ANSI C12 SC17 WG2, ANSI C12.19, which develops the utility industry standard tables. Recently, Dr. Moise has been instrumental in the development of testing procedures of protocols and communication interfaces for wireless Internet-based electricity meters for AMR clients, audit trail management for Measurement Canada and TDL/EDL data transmission Standards for enterprise AMR. Moise is also a developer of the TDL/EDL schemas and technology for use by ANSI Standard C12.19.