How can the ANSI/IEEE/MC Standards address the totality of the utility industry needs. Sept. 30, 2007 Reno, Nevada.

A Course that reveals the details on how C12 SandardAMI meet the totality of needs
Course Level: Intermediate to advanced

See us at the Pre-autovation 2007 on October 1st, 2007 at 08:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

This course provides historical perspective of industry standards, the challenges experienced by the utility industry and how StandardAMI should be used address those challenges. The presentation will focus on ANSI, IEEE and Measurement Canada suite of C12 protocols, implementation requirements and services they provide. Built on the ANSI C12.19 and ANSI C12.22 as a foundation it will be explained how these Standards benefit utilities and vendors alike.

Covered topics include:

Who Should Attend:

Project Managers, Enterprise technology AMI decision makers, architects and engineers.

Presented by: Avygdor Moise, Ph.D.

Dr. Avygdor Moise is a Management consultant to the electrical industry on communication protocols and data exchange methodologies for AMR and StandardAMI. An architect and integrator of high-reliability and high-availability information delivery systems for AMI. The author of the MC/ANSI/IEEE User’s Guide entitled “Standard Data Communication Protocol for Electronic Metering”. A performance auditor of Total Quality Assurance programs and Quality Management systems. Chairperson of the Industry Canada Data Communication Protocols Workgroup, the “Task Force on Standard Data Communications Protocol for Electronic Metering Devices”; and the Chairperson of the joint IEEE 1377/ANSI-C12.19/MC12.19 working group for the development of ANSI C12.19, Utility Industry End Device Data Tables.