A New Paradigm for AMR and Beyond... October 22, 2006 Nashville Convention Center
Nashville, Tennessee USA.

Using a Best-Practice Approach for Achieving Standards-Based Plug-and-Play Interoperability

A course delivered at Autivation 2006, October 22 by Dr. Avygdor Moise.

The course included 2006 updates and reviews of new and existing C12 Standards that have been published or are about to be published. It also addresses reliability and security enhancements that are proposed for open AMR – going beyond metering and using these Standards for enterprise and open exchange applications. The course covers AMR user’s requirements, the definition of utility driven requirements and the formation of user groups and best practices for achieving plug-and-play interoperability.

Covered topics shall include:

Dr. Avygdor Moise is an AMR and network implementation consultant to utilities, manufacturers and legislators. He is the author of a book about utility industry standard tables and a member, chair and co-chair of several standards organizations.